Being Unemployed: Day 20 - Online Job Hunting

So, its been 20 days already ever since I resigned to my previous job. Thinks really so good since I already out in stress. But talking about the reality, I needed something to earn again in order for me to support my family.

I have a growing kid and my wife is pregnant of 7 months, so what I now is hunting some online jobs.

My younger sister refer me to signup in Upwork. Well, I know this site for so long but I really don't pay that much attention before. And I say, I will just give it a try then.

As I've done signing up and already have the account, it will requires me to fill some more information about me. According to them, it will help me to get some more chances to get an employers. I don't know, its been 2 days now, but seems no one is interested in new comer like me yet.

Okay, now this day, I've been thinking for some more ways to earn online and I ended searching for Upwork alternatives. So far, I have 2 sites in addition.

1. Freelancer
Well, this one is more really likely like Upwork but it is more easy to sign up. Go grabbed the free trial in order for me to have more.

2. Fiverr
Is way more easily to sign up. As I see, this is more easy to use but still I don't have that much information on how to perfectly use this.

I will post again, once I get more information and see my progress using these platforms.

Being Unemployed: Day 11

"Recovering From Too Much Stress"

Already at this day and seems I already started to recover from stress. I cannot even imagine how life will be since I am unemployed and really don't have any source of income until now.

The only thing that I really think about is just to keep on writing what ever I can remember back while still in my employment days.

The good thing here is that, I was able to pay the days that I was far away from my wife and son in four years.

What I do is just take a vacation like a week or two weeks, then go back to Manila and resume working.

This is what I requested to my second manager before. I will do anything that he wanted me to do for the team, just let me take vacation leave to see my family.

And it was a deal for both of us. At the first when I was still single, life is a bit easy to focus on the just and simply finish the work right away. But things started to change with I already get married to the women that I really love (she is now my wife).

If you want to know what I did or how I do in my former work/job. Keep on ready and you might want to interest with but warning, things actually boring.

Started to work back 2013, I was introduce to that job by my former team mate. I was shocked actually because I never knew that that can of system do really exist.

After that, I was amazed and really get interest to do the job.

His boss was so busy that day before my scheduled interview direct from that supervisor/manager. Should get started at 1:00 PM but somehow, we started 1:15 PM. That was 15 minutes late for my job interview but I really don't mind it.

1:15 PM interview started and guess what, it was not the same interviews that I watched in some videos that I practiced preparing myself.

First he apologized that he is already late for our meeting and really very sorry for the delay. Like I already tell myself and tell him, that I didn't even mind it at all. He replied, No time is the most important thing that you need to value.

And I was really surprised about it. It feels like, I'm in the right person to work with.

The interview was so very fast, he just simply goes this way,

Interviewer: Listen, I don't want to waste time, what I really want is a job well done. I don't care who you are or what you do. Now, tell me something about your self?

Me: I am single, living currently living with my friend and no job for long time already.

Interviewer: Okay, again I don't care who you are or what you do. Why should we hire you?

Me: (common answers of course, but I really have a bad English) I was not graduated, I know about computers, somehow I can encode faster since I have a fast typing skills.

Interviewer: Enough, like I already told you, I don't care.

Okay, what really it feels like freaking. I don't know if he is a psycho or what. He keeps on asking and I answer back, but then he always interrupting me. I don't really get the point.

But, I'm good at this kind of things...

Interviewer: Again, I want a job well done. Can you?

Me: Yes I can.

Interviewer: But your not graduated what do you think?

Me: I will.

Interviewer: So if I instructed you, to open the window and jump to this building what will you do?

Me: I will jump right away.

Interviewer: Really? Are you out of your mind?

Me: Your instructions right!

Interviewer: Why would you do that?

Me: You are ordering me to do it.

Interviewer: You will die if you fall down to the ground right, cause your not stupid, are you?

Me: Like I told you, I will jump right away as you say so. But not will die.

Okay! at this time he smiled and say,
Interviewer: I don't know if your crazy or not but congratulations, you're Hired!

It was really crazy right? When he is asking, first that I remember, he don't want to waste time, second he don't care who am I, or what ever my background was and all he wanted was a person to do the job for him.

My Last Day Of Work - February 15, 2019

"Come And Think About The Future And Trying To Forget The Past To Move On"

Even before I did promised to myself that when I will reach the age of 30, I will be a full time writer. Will, It seems to be that this is the last and final day to prepare for it. I don't exactly know how or where to start after may final day of work. And then, I did it, I did finished what I just started back in our office.

The moment when I see people how worried and some of them are not because I don't know whether they are happy or sad of me leaving the company.

Well, most of them really don't. I can feel people who are very surprised the I did tell and inform them my last day.

Back 2013, I was hired in the first name of the company, Global B2B Consultancy. My friend Michael, who is the one introduced me to the job, as a mapper and system monitoring was do really easy for me. Since had an IT background, I can early get what ever we needed in our job. I was able to suggest a lot of suggestions in order to help and contribute for our team.

Until 2016, company name has changed to CloverSense Technology Inc. (CTI), now this started to get worst. The truth is, we don't owned this company and we are only employees who receiving pay check. Salary is just salary that can support us for our daily life living. Nothing more, so most of my teammates was so lazy and clever enough to just simply do nothing. Not literally nothing but, pretending of doing something. If the boss is not around, then they will just simply do their thing.

I really don't mind as before but yeah, it is really uncontrollable anymore. So I decided to stop and quit.

It is more better for me, to stop the stress and move on.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - How To Purchase Premium EP Card (iOS Users)

Yes! Supporting The Game, Buy Premium Today. I really cannot help myself and I did it.

It is just cheap anyway and as I already say it for so many times, that I really love this game. That is why I purchased Premium EP card.

1. Make sure that you have the money ready to your Debit Card. (I'm using PayMaya)
2. Open Ragnarok M: Eternal Love app.
3. Tap on More
4. Tap Recharge
5. Tap Premium tab
6. Tap the price button of the EP card.

Okay, the rest you may read the benefits of using the premium.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Advantage Of Being Full AGI Assassin

Okay! In my recent post, I already changed my stats using the Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock. I've made a mistake regarding with my Skill Three reset so I guess I will going to buy again soon if I will finish studying about skills for my Katar type Assassin.

Anyways, lets go to this changes that I've made. So at level 40, I received this Eternal Rock, but I didn't know what is the use of it. So, I didn't mint it at first since I only just start playing RO M and I don't have much knowledge on this amazing game.

Check the image for details.

Now, what my current experience during the time that I really simply put STR, AGI, VIT, DEX and LUK that totally missed-up my stats. I'm struggling in my quests in-game. Even though somehow kill Small and Medium monsters, the big problem was the Large ones specially when big boss quest is there. I suffer for Pots power.!!

The solution? The idea that I really think that it will work perfectly, was to do this. (see image below)

Look at my stats.. All are in AGI, current with my level 60 Assassin, I have added all AGI at 85 Attr points. Plus the +33 extra points from quests and item build. So I have a total of 128 total AGI stats.

See my Stats Chart. Now, check my ASPD with 269.0% and my Flee rate at 208. Amazingly stupid as you think. But for me, it does really works. (see image below)

The results? see for yourself.

I don't use power pots anymore. I only do use SP pots for my Sonic Blow skill. I only use it for big large monster. This idea was to same some face and stand to these monsters and ofcourse saving a lot of Zeny (in-game coin).

What do you think? Just leave a comment below.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Change Assassin Stats To Pure AGI

Yes! That's right, I finally change rebirth my stats to pure AGI. But first, once again I really love to play this game and it really, totally eats up most of my time. I even play it during work hours. What I do is just simply plug my iPhone 7+ and let is grind until Stamina is finished.


Well check out my character details so far.

The idea is to have the high Flee. My current Flee is 205. This makes me more untouchable since most of the mobs Hits me with Missed.

Pros: This advantage will help me to save a lot of Zeny since Pots are so very expensive.
Cons: It takes time to kill the mobs. I also noticed that I am weak in Pyramid F1, Mummy, Isis but no problem with Soldier Skeleton.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - My Assassin and Rogue

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, your account were able to create 2 character.

So, like I said before, I am not really a fan or RO game before, but how I really love to play this game already.

Just now, my Assassin is level 55 and my future Rogue is at leve 32.

Meet my Assassin RickDrew.

 Meet my future Rogue RoSeLyN.

Okay! why I did like this game from the start since released?

1. Open world. One of the most important thing when it come the MMORPG. Socialized yourself, I do like to see other people in-game, amazed on how they do and excited to play the game.

2. You can do AFK farming. Since I do other things specially when I'm working. (you all know that I am still an employee) I can leave my phone and my character will do auto-attack to go farming.

3. Wide variety of your character build. Yes! this is one that I really like.

  • Character stats, STR, AGI, DEX, INT, VIT and LUK.
  • CARD for additional stats
  • ITEMS to choose from and more.

I've been thinking that a lot of questions as players like me as a newbie.

So, maybe this one I can share some of my experiences and builds that I will do to these two thieves in the future.

New Hype Game: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

"My Expectations Does Hits To The One That I Really Don't Expect On"

To tell you frankly, I am not a fan of this MMORPG game. Since my friends are playing and yes, they are truly a huge fan of Ragnarok, I did give it a try.

Then, what do I expect? AMAZING!

Seriously, I was looking for a game that really fits my needs to spend my time playing. I am a League of Legends addict but I'm still looking for something else. An MMORPG game is what I need.

Been playing the real-time strategy game Rise of the Civilization but then it bores me after playing for a month now. (I uninstalled it already after downloading and liked this new mobile game.)

I started playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (SEA) since released. But yet, I am not a spender so expect I was still weak.

Anyway, what I really like is that in this game, there are a lot of things that you can do. First thing is that, you can manage how you will going to build your character.

Stats, Skills, Items, Cards and more..

This is arguably the most essential system in the game. Grinding monsters will take a lot of time but thanks to the Auto-Attack mechanic, that won’t be much of a problem. The catch, however, is that in order to prevent players from abusing grinding, Gravity implemented a Combat Time system. This system lets users receive normal exp and loot gain under a given time limit of combat. Reaching the limit and going beyond it will activate the system called Combat Fatigue which will gradually decrease the exp and loot rate over time on each character. Here are the rules:
When the specified daily combat limit is exceeded, the experience and loot rate will begin to decrease.
The combat duration is restored to 300 minutes at 5:00 AM (GMT +7) daily, and the unused combat duration can be accumulated up to a max of 600 minutes. (Maximum total: 900 min).
PVP is not included in the combat duration. MINI and MVP are not affected by the rules of loot reduction.
If you are in a team during the reduction period, you alone will be bound by the rules of reduction and your Party member will not be affected.
If you and your Party members are on the same map, the combat duration will be shared with all Party members in the map.
The Mentor who holds a valid Premium can earn 30% of the effective combat duration from different students, up to a maximum of 120 minutes of effective combat duration per day.

Now, I am building an Assassin.

I really don't know that much yet since I am just getting started.

As of now, the main problem is how to level up fast.

I need to understand what is Assassin class strengths and weaknesses. Thinking what would be the best on leveling build and what is for PVP or PVE.

I've been watching some videos in Youtube checking out what is the best build for this class. I think it is really not that easy...

Anyway, I really like the game that much and I was really worry if my iPhone 7 plus can take it or is it really overused now.

I will post some update soon.

Playing In A Cheap Computer Internet Shop

"The Moment When You Say The OMG!."

It's been 6 years now I just realized that I've already spend a lot of money in a computer internet shop for a lot of money.

I didn't even mind it from the start since I can simply afford to pay 15 Php per hour in a know computer shop near my place. The place where I stay also for 6 years.

Now, I play almost every single day of entire 6 years. So how much does it really cost me already?

Let me just calculate for an estimation.

I spend 4-12 hours. In every day lets just say 4 hours. This is the most standard play time that I do.

4 x 15 is equal to 60 but I can save money since they have promo of every 4 hours top up you will save 5 Php.

That is 55 Php for 4 hours a day.

In every dayoff I spend about 12 hours. So it will be 55 x 3 is equal to 165.

Wow, I was surprised while writing this post.

In a week I only have 1 dayoff.

In the 1 week, I spend 4 hours x 6 days is equal to 24 hours in 6 days.

Then, plus 12 hours in that 25 hours a week, it will be a total of 37 hours.

The 37 hours I will multiply by 15 will be 555.00 Php in a week.

In 4 week I spend 2,220.00 Php. That is 1 Month.

In 2,220.00 Php per month, multiply by 12 months is equal to 26,640.00 Php (now, that a year)

In 1 year 26,640.00 Php multiply by 6 years, is the total of 159,840.00 Php.


Yes, totally OMG!

That was the total estimated amount that I spend in computer internet shop.

Imagine how many computer sets that I can already buy with that money. So amazing!

Get Started Using Web Hosting

"Not All Cheap Web Hosting Service Are Sucks, But Not Compare To Others Who Just Launch And Focused On Making Money Not Good Services"

Did tried Web Hosting for 1 month. When I started the payment at 5:15 AM and the Server is ready and available to set up at 5:32 AM (GMT+8).

At first, what came into my mind is that, damn, cPanel is not my thing. I need to access my server via FTP.

After checking around with the cPanel, I saw at Application section and discovered that it was just easy set up to install Wordpress.

All I wanted is to start a website with such cheap hosting but good server response. Yes, web hosting is really one of the best alternate with Digital Ocean. This is so far the closes web hosting that I've ever tried compare to any other hosting.

There are a lot of web hosting sites that do offer great server response and better service, but if you are just starting up to do blogging, I do recommend this web hosting service. So far, my only issue is on how to make the email service up and working. I've been searching now on what do I need to do or do I needed an additional plugin to make my emailing up for new users and sending my emails to my email list.

You can read about Web Hosting here where I did plan to try using this web hosting and I did it.

SEO Service - [Search Engine Optimization] From Philippines

"I May Give You A Little Help If You Don't Mind Helping Me Back. Collaboration Is One Of The Key To Achieve Success Just like Give And Take"

If you're looking for some additional push to your niche, local business or personal web sites, I can help you. Yes, currently I have 10 years personal SEO experiences with it comes to this business. I've been dealing good quality contents every since I started to matured in SEO.

Following are available Coinsmo SEO type of services that I offer. All are in Mid level SEO service.

  • Content Posting
  • Copywriter
  • Blog Review
  • Bookmarking
  • Link Building
  • Web Directory Submission
  • Commenting

Start Up With Focus To Finish

These are the top 5 SEO factors that I've been mastering out of this years. All in $2000 per month. If you have your local business and already been set up but still you have your competitor above you. Talk to me and we will see how can we over rank him.

If you are just starting blogging to earn money online, then I recommend you to join my Free Blogging Training Program. Yes, that is true, I'm giving away all of my experiences to you on how to start like your not a newbie. Allow me to be your trainer and mentor.

Web Development and Design

Our web development and design package make sure that your website could be seen on the internet through our web hosting, the information it contains is complete and useful, the design of the website is in accordance with your brand’s image, and much more. Depends on what project you want for our talents fees, then we will handle it for you. (Web Development and Design)

Free SEO Consulting 

Coinsmo SEO is offering consultation services for site analysis and evaluation and many more.

SEO Package 

Our SEO package focuses on your search engine visibility so that your traffic will be consistent and your potential customers will heavily increase over time.

Content Marketing 

Blogging is clearly one of the best places to find information these days. The best bloggers find their way into a conversation with their readers and audience.

Social Media Marketing 

Social networking is already one of the most performed activities in the online world.

Email Marketing Management

When you go through the surveys, three years from now it is said that Email marketing will still be the most effective method of making conversions online.

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