Get Started Using Web Hosting

"Not All Cheap Web Hosting Service Are Sucks, But Not Compare To Others Who Just Launch And Focused On Making Money Not Good Services"

Did tried Web Hosting for 1 month. When I started the payment at 5:15 AM and the Server is ready and available to set up at 5:32 AM (GMT+8).

At first, what came into my mind is that, damn, cPanel is not my thing. I need to access my server via FTP.

After checking around with the cPanel, I saw at Application section and discovered that it was just easy set up to install Wordpress.

All I wanted is to start a website with such cheap hosting but good server response. Yes, web hosting is really one of the best alternate with Digital Ocean. This is so far the closes web hosting that I've ever tried compare to any other hosting.

There are a lot of web hosting sites that do offer great server response and better service, but if you are just starting up to do blogging, I do recommend this web hosting service. So far, my only issue is on how to make the email service up and working. I've been searching now on what do I need to do or do I needed an additional plugin to make my emailing up for new users and sending my emails to my email list.

You can read about Web Hosting here where I did plan to try using this web hosting and I did it.

SEO Service - [Search Engine Optimization] From Philippines

"I May Give You A Little Help If You Don't Mind Helping Me Back. Collaboration Is One Of The Key To Achieve Success Just like Give And Take"

If you're looking for some additional push to your niche, local business or personal web sites, I can help you. Yes, currently I have 10 years personal SEO experiences with it comes to this business. I've been dealing good quality contents every since I started to matured in SEO.

Following are available Coinsmo SEO type of services that I offer. All are in Mid level SEO service.

  • Content Posting
  • Copywriter
  • Blog Review
  • Bookmarking
  • Link Building
  • Web Directory Submission
  • Commenting

Start Up With Focus To Finish

These are the top 5 SEO factors that I've been mastering out of this years. All in $2000 per month. If you have your local business and already been set up but still you have your competitor above you. Talk to me and we will see how can we over rank him.

If you are just starting blogging to earn money online, then I recommend you to join my Free Blogging Training Program. Yes, that is true, I'm giving away all of my experiences to you on how to start like your not a newbie. Allow me to be your trainer and mentor.

Web Development and Design

Our web development and design package make sure that your website could be seen on the internet through our web hosting, the information it contains is complete and useful, the design of the website is in accordance with your brand’s image, and much more. Depends on what project you want for our talents fees, then we will handle it for you. (Web Development and Design)

Free SEO Consulting 

Coinsmo SEO is offering consultation services for site analysis and evaluation and many more.

SEO Package 

Our SEO package focuses on your search engine visibility so that your traffic will be consistent and your potential customers will heavily increase over time.

Content Marketing 

Blogging is clearly one of the best places to find information these days. The best bloggers find their way into a conversation with their readers and audience.

Social Media Marketing 

Social networking is already one of the most performed activities in the online world.

Email Marketing Management

When you go through the surveys, three years from now it is said that Email marketing will still be the most effective method of making conversions online.

Drop us an Email:

Things To Improve To Get Rich: The Cash Flow

"Think About How You Use Your Money In Buying The Things You'd Like That Buying The Things You Need?"

What is 'Cash Flow'? Cash flow is the net amount of cash and cash-equivalents being transferred into and out of a business. At the most fundamental level, a company’s ability to create value for shareholders is determined by its ability to generate positive cash flows, or more specifically, maximize long-term free cash flow.

This one really a big deal. I didn't know that much before since I only focus on being frugal person and save most of my money. I don't know anything that this simple things was so very important. I don't mind to ware old stuffs because I am employee who earns 500$ only a month.

This is how we live in the Philippines. I am a newbie studying about business wondering how big people do this. How are they able to manage their own ways. How do they taking care of their cash flow.

Searching in the internet was really amazing. It was very easy if you really know how to use Google search engine. As an SEO motivator, somehow I learn about this things in my previous years. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important when it comes to online business. This are one of the services that I am providing here in Coinsmo. This is one of my first ever business that until now I cannot even forgot. I'm good when it comes to looking for something that needs when it comes to online rankings. I begun to understand that having the ability and skills to understand what are needs to improve was really blessing.

I may have no talent when it comes in writing but, most people do know how to do SEO so I really thank for that. Now come back to the topic, what is my current Cash Flow as an employee?

An employee always hope to survive every 10th and 25th of the month, but commonly every 15th and 30th every month. Paycheck, this is the most happiest day for each and every employees like me. Now, what I'm doing every paycheck? Simple and very basic. Counting total expenses needs for the next fifteen days to survive for the next paycheck then send money to my family.

What? Really? For Sure?

Expenses - things that I need to survive for the next 15 days, and

Send Money - the main savings that I have and need to send to support my family.

Yes! This means that no success as an employee no matter what. Sad part, working for 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Including toxic co-workers.

Okay, how about a summary of my 25,000 Php ($500) Monthly Income.

  • House Rent - 3,500 Php ($70) - monthly
  • Food, Snacks & Drinks - 7,000 Php budgeted ($140) - monthly
  • Personal Necessities - extra needs like deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste etc.. 1,500 Php ($30)
  • Total Expense - 10,500 Php ($240)
  • Remaining will be = 9,000 Php ($180)

Maintaining this way for the rest the whole year will do survive for the rest of my life. No, I had enough, I'm ending this soon. I cannot stay to this way in my entire life. The solution is to get our and start moving forward earning money. My goal for the next year 2019 is to change strategy. My son will started to school soon and my wife was already getting mad at me almost everyday because of our current situation.

Now, this is one of the most important thing to focus if you really wanted to be rich. Me, I don't want to be rich and simple life. I am dreaming big again and looking forward for the brighter future ahead.

If you like more about my stories on Thrifty Business Entrepreneur, you can follow my blog by subscribing to my email list. I will email you my post directly to your email mailbox.

Planning To Start Using Soon!

"Never Stick To The One That Works For You. Be More Self Revers Engineer To Improve Yourself As A Businessman. Always Upgrade What You Have To Be More Comfortable To Success." 

I was planning to start a self web hosted blog. I've been blogging for some time now and I believed having a Wordpress Blog is really a good idea to push my blogging experience into the next level. How can you see yourself in the next coming years?

If you wanted to do blogging career as well, I suggest you to Start Using Now! They are the most reliable cheap web hosting provider online so far. My journey in Thrifty Business Entrepreneur has been started, and I'm really excited to get started soon.

For now, I will study deep on how to manage things out on everything that I need using their product for my Thrifty Business Entrepreneur. When the time comes, I will be able to help you on setting-up your first ever self hosted Wordpress blog.

Study, Learn, Equip yourself  to build Confidence. This will be the power improving my skills to be one of the best businessman in the future.

My First Selling Products with Reliv

Well, what most successful people says, "Stop Waiting For Your Best life To Begin, Start Doing The Important Things That You Need And Do What It Takes."

Opportunities does not knock only once! That is how I look on to it. There are a lot of things happening everyday. And what will we do if it really comes after you? Of course, better to grab that opportunity and start working with your future career. What happens to me as an ordinary employee with a job as an office rank and file. (I really cannot feel the same feeling when I started.) It was full of excitements. Having the job that you didn't even know that you are qualified that you couldn't even imagine.

I don't know exactly what to do when the first time I have my first interview in working a huge company. I only earn far way less that before. My first job was being a Data Encoder and I earn 3,000 Php, converted to dollar its was only at $60 a month (that was really suck). But it was my first job after graduating two year Computer Science Ladderize course. But still, I enjoyed it. Honestly. I come to work early and I go home with OT (over time) for free. They are happy about my performance for doing exactly what our costumer needs. Paper Works Inc. is the company.

After working for 1 month, they transferred me in their computer internet shop. I say its fine, but I didn't know that most of the costumers there were students. The owner/manager said that I will start working there as soon as possible because they really needed man-power.

After transferring, my first day what really amazing. The most heavenly beautiful women I ever see in our province. I was really happy to serve them. I work as an attendant. I help and assist costumers and since I am a computer literate person, I also help them costumers to do their assignments, project layouts, thesis and more. Sometimes they hand me some tips or they will treat me some snacks. People their love me for who am I. All our good feedback from costumer with me, but still earning $60 a month was really painful.

Now, I have this opportunity again. This has been introduced to me last year, but I didn't able to focus and building it before until now. So how about if I give it a try and start working on sales. Most rich people are doing business and not as an employee. If you are working with a company, you maybe earn a good salary if you achieve a high position. Still, business is the best to start a better career and earn big.

Reliv Logo and Meaning

So Why Reliv? Good question — and with so many answers! People become part of Reliv for a lot of reasons: to improve their health, to earn extra money, to enjoy a better lifestyle, to achieve financial independence, even to change the world. That's the best part about Reliv:  you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Reliv is the Nutritional Epigenetics Company. That means we're pioneering the next big wave in the $3 trillion+ personal wellness industry. It also means Reliv can help you take control of your health and your life like never before.

View the short video above to see just some examples of why thousands of people around the world have joined Reliv. Then use the links below to learn what Reliv can do for you.

Stop waiting for your best life to begin.  Start living it today with Reliv.

Reliv Products

I will start receiving some orders now. Our office is at Reliv Makati or contact me for info's. Lets Go!

I'm on a mission to prove that being poor is not a reason to live the dream lifestyle that most people dreamed of. My Thrifty Business Entrepreneur journey starts when I realized being an employee is not that bad if its an opening or stepping stone to move forward and have that success.

What Is My High Paying Skills?

"I can say noting because I'm only a low end person that dreamed not that big. Not even challenging myself that much."

Yes! I'm a experienced employee. My skills when it come to my work place at the office, I almost know a lot of their business, but not yet at the level of my manager. I almost near at being supervisor now, since I already know a lot.

But still, by the end of the day, the company only pays me at the daily amount (salary). Being an employee is one of the most hated life ever if you started to wake up on the real world. The time when you start to realized that you need to earn more money.

You are not able to get more money when you just stay on your safe-zone working as an employee. You work hard, your supervisor will be glad. You work too hard, your manager will noticed your tracks. You work really hard to help your team grow, teaching them, giving them a lot of time that you spend a lot of your energy to maintain and improve your  skills and at the same time your team. Your big boss will be happy.

All of you working together and achieved huge of your team, but still the company earned big, your boss earn big, your manager earn big, your supervisor stand and say good things about the team. But deep inside, he/she only proud for itself.

I'm telling the truth. I maybe offended the one who will read this, but this is reality. This is what people does. No one that you cannot really trust that much except your family and yourself.

Open your eyes people, we still make the company rich not you as a low end person.

What I'm trying to say, is that what is the used of waiting? What will happen if you still on that mindset that you stick on. Just like Dan Lok said, "maybe you hear me, maybe you just saw me, and maybe you just watch me at some of my videos, but as long as you don't do the step to say yes, you will still the person who you are."

I'm on my own mission now, to challenge myself on how to move forward and be the person for what it will be. But now, I have huge dream. A dream that most of us all dreamed of as a human being living in this world.

I again started from scratch, I earn huge before the six figures but I lost it because of me as managing the business does sucks. I earned and I will comeback soon. I will clear my mind on the new things that I need to do and focus on what I ever going to build.

If you like this post, please share to others. Do comment below if you have other question or suggestion. It will helps me a lot to improve my blog Coinsmo. It is where I share my daily life experiences and serve as a main reference to develop Thrifty Life Business Entrepreneur. The life that was dreaming of from day and night. Not only me but maybe also you and other people.


Give Me Solution Not Additional Problems

"One of the most important thing that you shouldn't ever say to your boss, is telling him/her only your problems with no solution."

If you put yourself in their situation, you will understand them when they show you how upset they are to you talking right now.

Copyright to owner
("I choose this image Boss Baby movie because this is one of my son's favorite to watch almost everyday.")

At the office, I was facing a lot of internal issues with my teammates. They hated me because I just being real. I tell the truth almost all the time. I'm covering them anymore about their mistakes because of they are doing is not right. (I hope they will learn this lesson someday which I think will not be, really.)

Then, I talked to my boss and share about my current experiences and difficulties that I'm facing right now to my teammates. Then while I'm talking, she started to show no interest of listening on the words that I say. And after I finish explaining my part, I just end up with no solution and wait for her response.

Read more: What My Manager/Boss Wants

She some question why and I answer back, but still I didn't say any solution. As a professional, she will still control herself since I talk to her formally. Then after talking personally in her office room privately, she started to share personal experiences. Usually, she don't talk that way. I only discuss with her about the work and she gives solution. But that time, she somehow show me that I have value as a friend and not just her worker.

If we think about it, our bosses already has a lot of things to do with more heavier responsibilities. Imagine this, they respect you and giving you time to listen on what ever we say but waiting for them to advice was not really good.

They don't hate the problems because everybody has a problems. And if problem is the problem, then suggest your solution after you explain before asking their advice.

Important things to keep in mind. Open them your concerns or problem and provide them solution so that they can think about it before they will advice you.

If you like this post, please share to others. Do comment below if you have other question or suggestion. It will helps me a lot to improve my blog Coinsmo. It is where I share my daily life experiences and serve as a main reference to develop Thrifty Life Business Entrepreneur. The life that was dreaming of from day and night. Not only me but maybe also you and other people.


What My Manager/Boss Wants

"Direct to the point, they want you to achieve their dreams."

I may deliver this to you that bad, but this is the whole true. In reality, we make things with our own decisions in life. What we thinks was always the best of us, specially our needs. If don't agree with me that means your not in the right level yet, or you are still at your happy age.

Hi, I'm Ricky, I also don't like it but I have no choice. The only reason why we work hard is to achieve our goals. Setting our goals is not that easy but it is really hard to achieve and be successful someday. No way, we aren't that dumb. I have the ability to think and learn all of the stuffs that we need if we keep on studying and give time to gain the knowledge. I created Coinsmo to start of what I dreamed of, also as a reference for others who is willing to take the risk for success.

No one really wanted to be bad for other people, but it is badly necessary to this word. If you already get my point that means you started to see the right future for you.

In my current experience in our office, well, it was a whole piece of crap. I don't really like how the way it really looks like because it is already a big changed. Totally different from what I get used to. Some one can help me? Maybe, but to tell you frankly, no one will actually help you but only yourself. If you still don't get it, will keep on reading and allow me to explain more about myself.

I've already been promoted tree times in our company as an Assistant Team Leader. I should be the Team Leader back 2015 but I declined it due to personal reasons. Not that bad but one reason why is that my buddy who take me to have this job was the one should be in that position.

He's a nursing graduate but he really wants computer. He's already graduated as a licence nurse. After he graduated he did go to start working on a hospital but he really didn't wanted that life. The main reason why he do stupid things. I'm an IT related so I a bit more advantage that him. Its really a bit hurt when you see your friend getting low but somehow, he manage to get more steps to move on and achieved the team leader position with my help.

My first and former boss said to me, if you don't know how to manage your team not being their friends, how can I be a team leader. I responded, I really like the position cos it will increase my salary but I prefer to be under with my friend because he really loved this job and he is the one who takes me here.

Then, my friend get the position with my help. It will be a very long story soon, but this post is not about my friends achievements nor mine, but about What Really Our Boss Wants.

My new boss was a women, but I never call her Ma'am. I can say she really are good but not as good as my former boss when it comes to guts. As a women she somehow able to manage not only our team, but also for other departments under her management. She is our Operations Manager. I have an internal issue in our office, not because I am bad, but because I am good in most of the work. They feel hate for their selves because of the things that I can do that they cannot. (it will be a long story that I will do post here soon.)

I shared to her what I'm facing and current experiencing with my bullied-teammates. I get a changed to talk to her, discuss about my problem and push what ever I can say (but not that much) about my team. But for her, she doesn't care.

She didn't mind most of that. She even totally ignores my email. But I don't know what happens last two days ago. After for so much pain that I felt that I almost lost myself to this job. She made something that can change the team as a start.

I realized, that telling her my personal problem was totally unacceptable as I can see. But giving her a solution would be the best.

I stated to her, the things that I think whats the best for the team. She listened, but she's still not that interest. I tell her then, if I can do other things and be separated from the team and she ask WHY? I explained, is because of that I cannot able to do the important things that I need to do for our team because of the small things that I still need to do in my task.

Now I catch her attention. Meaning, when I made that move, she feel that I have a point. Not from our team doing the same as me. I work hard as I could to achieve the best for out team and she knows that because she can see how I made my track everyday.

If you read my recent post Current Employment Life of my Days-Years, you can tell that I've started to voice out with in this blog. This is the only way that I can say that things that I have right now. I wanted to get change not only just an employee. I always think for what will be the best for me and my family, but I don't give a lot of time doing something that I really wanted because of poverty and needed this job. Here I started my journey in writing, to make my Thrifty Life Business Entrepreneur story.

So, what really our boss whats us? It may be bad but it will be the best for all of us. They will be hush, they will be rude, they will be totally bad for the eyes of others, but they always think the best out for us. Because they have more responsibility that is out of our level at the moment. They are the role model that we need to follow, they are our boss.

For me, no matter what happens, we are just employee's. We are just all workers as well, they are also working with the big boss, and big bosses working under a company of the organization that they build. Now that what we called a business that they need to take care.

I don't hate my job, I don't hate my boss and I don't hate my company as well. I only hate myself sometimes when I being real. Because I always feels bad about the feeling that felt. Loneliness is the most challenging that I have right now. The faith that we always face and deal with in hours of our life. We always made the choice so be proud of what we are achieving everyday.

Current Employment Life of my Days-Years

My hard work and loyalty in our company doesn't really make me rich. This is the reality in life here in the Philippines. I work nine hours a day not included my over time which I always not claiming almost everyday.

Business Sharing Ideas - Targets The Big Fish

My friend shared to me about his insights on his business future is huge. Well, no one is really thinking of small income but talking about million earnings for me in really is impossible to a person like me.

Starting Of Small Business

Yes! This time is the very good option to starts from small. My wife decided to do printing jobs. Typing in paper works with range about 5-100 Php per transaction.

This is really very small while I know that there are other businesses out there that better to start to.
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