Earning With Bitconnect

The most important thing is that, "WE ARE EARNING DAILY!"

Hello guys, I've been in Bitconnect for 60 days now and it is really not bad even you earn less than 1% a day.

Most average people who always talk about events in life on where to go just to party all night. For them 1% a day is so very low.

I admit that for me this 1% a day is really not that profitable. But why other people is chasing it?

If you will think about it deeply, why would we be saying it is very less rather that thinking how legit it will be?

Now, I can say that Bitconnect is one of the most legit so far. Whether you like it or not, this at least 1% a day will make you earn even more as long as the platform is up and running.

Most of the top Youtubers that promoting Bitconnect that I know was earning about $100-1000 daily. Image that was because of daily interest. And since they are doing the compounding of their daily earning, they increases the profit due to your active investment where keeps on growing.

I can say, Bitconnect will sure be with us for a long time. It was an open source developed by the developers under its community.

So anything, they will keep on taking care of what they've already started.

Not to mention, there are already so many people joined and earning daily interest of their active investment and the platform was now more trusted with its operations. As long as people is using the platform, the value of BCC is increasing.

Every time that a people will do the transaction each day, this will having some fee where Bitconnect will going to reproduce and distributed to other lenders.

Meaning the money in their platform was just rolling what the local banks are also been doing.

The deference is that, since it is a digital currency we cannot touch our money their. But think about it, even banks don't just simply give your money if you also do a time deposit. Then the interest also are very low if you do this too.

But look at Bitconnect, at least they are paying 1% a day.

If you like me to help you getting started too, please Sign Up and join in my team. I'm very glad to help you.



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