Bitcoin Price Going To The Moon - Earnings in Bitconnect and USI-TECH is Amazing!


The Bitcoin price are now going to the moon. Yes, since I already started in USI-TECH with 10 packs, it was more profitable if buying some additional packs BTC price was lower because you will get more mBTC.

I was thinking to wait for the Bitcoin price drop before I will do a rebuy. The strategy is to get more mBTC since the system is paying us based on the amount of BTC package.

Unlike from Bitconnect, it will always based on the daily trading volatility of BTC to BCC. What amazed us of this investment platform was, it keeps paying us dollars and until we will going to receive our lend back.

I always monitor and compare both platforms and learning on what to do to make them good using strategies to re-buy and re-loan.

In Bitconnect, every time that I earn $10.00 a day or another day, I do reinvest. This will help to passively increase my earnings everyday based on the Bitconnect daily interest.

While in USI-TECH, we are getting more daily earnings. How? well since they pay us in BTC, it is not just only the 140% in 140 days, but Bitcoin price keeps on increasing. So, your daily earnings of your packages is not just the money you invest.

Two way of earning in USI-TECH was also includes the price increased and the 140%. This is one of the best and good opportunity that we can have if we already joined before in this platform. Or just simply wait for the BTC price drop and buy more packages.

These are currently my strategies in both platforms. If you'd like to joing my team, you can join my Bitcoin Passive Income, when you decided to join and do some investment you will be a part of our group and soon we will be in Discord for our community.



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