USI-TECH Started To Mine Ethereum

A Good News!

Welcome back to Coinsmo and now I have a good news for all of the members of USI-TECH and specially under my team.

USI-TECH Already One Of The Top Miners Of Ethereum Listed In

Now this is what Mike Kiefer CO-Owner of USI-TECH said before that they are working on to start their own Mining Pool and we got this update from some high investors in USI-TECH.

What they've promise us before, of what will be the next for them in order to make the company more sustainable, is to start their own mining plan located in Iceland.

Those who said before that USI-TECH is not true and totally a scam, seems now quite and I guess looking forward to join the company now.

Regarding with the mining facility, you don't need to know where is it and you don't need to know how they going to manage everything about that because who will going to answer some nonsense.

The main point here is that all rumors will stop that this is not legit. And now, you can see it for your self in the Etherscan for more details.

We can say that this is really a good news to us, but what will be the next for the company? We will just going to wait for more.


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