Current Employment Life of my Days-Years

My hard work and loyalty in our company doesn't really make me rich. This is the reality in life here in the Philippines. I work nine hours a day not included my over time which I always not claiming almost everyday.

I work as hard as I could but as time goes by, I realized that it is not the right place for me to stay. I work far away from home. I need to travel one whole day of I go on cargo-ship or 45 minuets in aircraft.

I'm already married and me and my wife have a son. My boy was really missing out a father while he is growing. I've work for 5 years but until now, I still haven't reach my goals. Working for 5 years in the same company that I really spend so much time. Why? Why I still be in this place where a lot of people hates me for what ever I do good?

I decided to create this blog for whole lot of reasons. I will post honest and real life experiences. I don't know why and how, how can I get the things that I really wanted and fulfill this precious life of mine?

I hope, you can get something here in my blog where I named it Coinsmo.

I currently earn 25,000 Php every month. I've been promoted for tree times from junior to assistant team leader.

If you want to know my story from nothing to my current position, feel free to follow my Thrifty Life Business Entrepreneur story.

I'm still seeking that future business for me at the moment. And I really believed that day will come soon.


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