Give Me Solution Not Additional Problems

"One of the most important thing that you shouldn't ever say to your boss, is telling him/her only your problems with no solution."

If you put yourself in their situation, you will understand them when they show you how upset they are to you talking right now.

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("I choose this image Boss Baby movie because this is one of my son's favorite to watch almost everyday.")

At the office, I was facing a lot of internal issues with my teammates. They hated me because I just being real. I tell the truth almost all the time. I'm covering them anymore about their mistakes because of they are doing is not right. (I hope they will learn this lesson someday which I think will not be, really.)

Then, I talked to my boss and share about my current experiences and difficulties that I'm facing right now to my teammates. Then while I'm talking, she started to show no interest of listening on the words that I say. And after I finish explaining my part, I just end up with no solution and wait for her response.

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She some question why and I answer back, but still I didn't say any solution. As a professional, she will still control herself since I talk to her formally. Then after talking personally in her office room privately, she started to share personal experiences. Usually, she don't talk that way. I only discuss with her about the work and she gives solution. But that time, she somehow show me that I have value as a friend and not just her worker.

If we think about it, our bosses already has a lot of things to do with more heavier responsibilities. Imagine this, they respect you and giving you time to listen on what ever we say but waiting for them to advice was not really good.

They don't hate the problems because everybody has a problems. And if problem is the problem, then suggest your solution after you explain before asking their advice.

Important things to keep in mind. Open them your concerns or problem and provide them solution so that they can think about it before they will advice you.

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