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Well, what most successful people says, "Stop Waiting For Your Best life To Begin, Start Doing The Important Things That You Need And Do What It Takes."

Opportunities does not knock only once! That is how I look on to it. There are a lot of things happening everyday. And what will we do if it really comes after you? Of course, better to grab that opportunity and start working with your future career. What happens to me as an ordinary employee with a job as an office rank and file. (I really cannot feel the same feeling when I started.) It was full of excitements. Having the job that you didn't even know that you are qualified that you couldn't even imagine.

I don't know exactly what to do when the first time I have my first interview in working a huge company. I only earn far way less that before. My first job was being a Data Encoder and I earn 3,000 Php, converted to dollar its was only at $60 a month (that was really suck). But it was my first job after graduating two year Computer Science Ladderize course. But still, I enjoyed it. Honestly. I come to work early and I go home with OT (over time) for free. They are happy about my performance for doing exactly what our costumer needs. Paper Works Inc. is the company.

After working for 1 month, they transferred me in their computer internet shop. I say its fine, but I didn't know that most of the costumers there were students. The owner/manager said that I will start working there as soon as possible because they really needed man-power.

After transferring, my first day what really amazing. The most heavenly beautiful women I ever see in our province. I was really happy to serve them. I work as an attendant. I help and assist costumers and since I am a computer literate person, I also help them costumers to do their assignments, project layouts, thesis and more. Sometimes they hand me some tips or they will treat me some snacks. People their love me for who am I. All our good feedback from costumer with me, but still earning $60 a month was really painful.

Now, I have this opportunity again. This has been introduced to me last year, but I didn't able to focus and building it before until now. So how about if I give it a try and start working on sales. Most rich people are doing business and not as an employee. If you are working with a company, you maybe earn a good salary if you achieve a high position. Still, business is the best to start a better career and earn big.

Reliv Logo and Meaning

So Why Reliv? Good question — and with so many answers! People become part of Reliv for a lot of reasons: to improve their health, to earn extra money, to enjoy a better lifestyle, to achieve financial independence, even to change the world. That's the best part about Reliv:  you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Reliv is the Nutritional Epigenetics Company. That means we're pioneering the next big wave in the $3 trillion+ personal wellness industry. It also means Reliv can help you take control of your health and your life like never before.

View the short video above to see just some examples of why thousands of people around the world have joined Reliv. Then use the links below to learn what Reliv can do for you.

Stop waiting for your best life to begin.  Start living it today with Reliv.

Reliv Products

I will start receiving some orders now. Our office is at Reliv Makati or contact me for info's. Lets Go!

I'm on a mission to prove that being poor is not a reason to live the dream lifestyle that most people dreamed of. My Thrifty Business Entrepreneur journey starts when I realized being an employee is not that bad if its an opening or stepping stone to move forward and have that success.


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