What Is My High Paying Skills?

"I can say noting because I'm only a low end person that dreamed not that big. Not even challenging myself that much."

Yes! I'm a experienced employee. My skills when it come to my work place at the office, I almost know a lot of their business, but not yet at the level of my manager. I almost near at being supervisor now, since I already know a lot.

But still, by the end of the day, the company only pays me at the daily amount (salary). Being an employee is one of the most hated life ever if you started to wake up on the real world. The time when you start to realized that you need to earn more money.

You are not able to get more money when you just stay on your safe-zone working as an employee. You work hard, your supervisor will be glad. You work too hard, your manager will noticed your tracks. You work really hard to help your team grow, teaching them, giving them a lot of time that you spend a lot of your energy to maintain and improve your  skills and at the same time your team. Your big boss will be happy.

All of you working together and achieved huge of your team, but still the company earned big, your boss earn big, your manager earn big, your supervisor stand and say good things about the team. But deep inside, he/she only proud for itself.

I'm telling the truth. I maybe offended the one who will read this, but this is reality. This is what people does. No one that you cannot really trust that much except your family and yourself.

Open your eyes people, we still make the company rich not you as a low end person.

What I'm trying to say, is that what is the used of waiting? What will happen if you still on that mindset that you stick on. Just like Dan Lok said, "maybe you hear me, maybe you just saw me, and maybe you just watch me at some of my videos, but as long as you don't do the step to say yes, you will still the person who you are."

I'm on my own mission now, to challenge myself on how to move forward and be the person for what it will be. But now, I have huge dream. A dream that most of us all dreamed of as a human being living in this world.

I again started from scratch, I earn huge before the six figures but I lost it because of me as managing the business does sucks. I earned and I will comeback soon. I will clear my mind on the new things that I need to do and focus on what I ever going to build.

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