What My Manager/Boss Wants

"Direct to the point, they want you to achieve their dreams."

I may deliver this to you that bad, but this is the whole true. In reality, we make things with our own decisions in life. What we thinks was always the best of us, specially our needs. If don't agree with me that means your not in the right level yet, or you are still at your happy age.

Hi, I'm Ricky, I also don't like it but I have no choice. The only reason why we work hard is to achieve our goals. Setting our goals is not that easy but it is really hard to achieve and be successful someday. No way, we aren't that dumb. I have the ability to think and learn all of the stuffs that we need if we keep on studying and give time to gain the knowledge. I created Coinsmo to start of what I dreamed of, also as a reference for others who is willing to take the risk for success.

No one really wanted to be bad for other people, but it is badly necessary to this word. If you already get my point that means you started to see the right future for you.

In my current experience in our office, well, it was a whole piece of crap. I don't really like how the way it really looks like because it is already a big changed. Totally different from what I get used to. Some one can help me? Maybe, but to tell you frankly, no one will actually help you but only yourself. If you still don't get it, will keep on reading and allow me to explain more about myself.

I've already been promoted tree times in our company as an Assistant Team Leader. I should be the Team Leader back 2015 but I declined it due to personal reasons. Not that bad but one reason why is that my buddy who take me to have this job was the one should be in that position.

He's a nursing graduate but he really wants computer. He's already graduated as a licence nurse. After he graduated he did go to start working on a hospital but he really didn't wanted that life. The main reason why he do stupid things. I'm an IT related so I a bit more advantage that him. Its really a bit hurt when you see your friend getting low but somehow, he manage to get more steps to move on and achieved the team leader position with my help.

My first and former boss said to me, if you don't know how to manage your team not being their friends, how can I be a team leader. I responded, I really like the position cos it will increase my salary but I prefer to be under with my friend because he really loved this job and he is the one who takes me here.

Then, my friend get the position with my help. It will be a very long story soon, but this post is not about my friends achievements nor mine, but about What Really Our Boss Wants.

My new boss was a women, but I never call her Ma'am. I can say she really are good but not as good as my former boss when it comes to guts. As a women she somehow able to manage not only our team, but also for other departments under her management. She is our Operations Manager. I have an internal issue in our office, not because I am bad, but because I am good in most of the work. They feel hate for their selves because of the things that I can do that they cannot. (it will be a long story that I will do post here soon.)

I shared to her what I'm facing and current experiencing with my bullied-teammates. I get a changed to talk to her, discuss about my problem and push what ever I can say (but not that much) about my team. But for her, she doesn't care.

She didn't mind most of that. She even totally ignores my email. But I don't know what happens last two days ago. After for so much pain that I felt that I almost lost myself to this job. She made something that can change the team as a start.

I realized, that telling her my personal problem was totally unacceptable as I can see. But giving her a solution would be the best.

I stated to her, the things that I think whats the best for the team. She listened, but she's still not that interest. I tell her then, if I can do other things and be separated from the team and she ask WHY? I explained, is because of that I cannot able to do the important things that I need to do for our team because of the small things that I still need to do in my task.

Now I catch her attention. Meaning, when I made that move, she feel that I have a point. Not from our team doing the same as me. I work hard as I could to achieve the best for out team and she knows that because she can see how I made my track everyday.

If you read my recent post Current Employment Life of my Days-Years, you can tell that I've started to voice out with in this blog. This is the only way that I can say that things that I have right now. I wanted to get change not only just an employee. I always think for what will be the best for me and my family, but I don't give a lot of time doing something that I really wanted because of poverty and needed this job. Here I started my journey in writing, to make my Thrifty Life Business Entrepreneur story.

So, what really our boss whats us? It may be bad but it will be the best for all of us. They will be hush, they will be rude, they will be totally bad for the eyes of others, but they always think the best out for us. Because they have more responsibility that is out of our level at the moment. They are the role model that we need to follow, they are our boss.

For me, no matter what happens, we are just employee's. We are just all workers as well, they are also working with the big boss, and big bosses working under a company of the organization that they build. Now that what we called a business that they need to take care.

I don't hate my job, I don't hate my boss and I don't hate my company as well. I only hate myself sometimes when I being real. Because I always feels bad about the feeling that felt. Loneliness is the most challenging that I have right now. The faith that we always face and deal with in hours of our life. We always made the choice so be proud of what we are achieving everyday.


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