Get Started Using Web Hosting

"Not All Cheap Web Hosting Service Are Sucks, But Not Compare To Others Who Just Launch And Focused On Making Money Not Good Services"

Did tried Web Hosting for 1 month. When I started the payment at 5:15 AM and the Server is ready and available to set up at 5:32 AM (GMT+8).

At first, what came into my mind is that, damn, cPanel is not my thing. I need to access my server via FTP.

After checking around with the cPanel, I saw at Application section and discovered that it was just easy set up to install Wordpress.

All I wanted is to start a website with such cheap hosting but good server response. Yes, web hosting is really one of the best alternate with Digital Ocean. This is so far the closes web hosting that I've ever tried compare to any other hosting.

There are a lot of web hosting sites that do offer great server response and better service, but if you are just starting up to do blogging, I do recommend this web hosting service. So far, my only issue is on how to make the email service up and working. I've been searching now on what do I need to do or do I needed an additional plugin to make my emailing up for new users and sending my emails to my email list.

You can read about Web Hosting here where I did plan to try using this web hosting and I did it.


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