Playing In A Cheap Computer Internet Shop


"The Moment When You Say The OMG!."

It's been 6 years now I just realized that I've already spend a lot of money in a computer internet shop for a lot of money.

I didn't even mind it from the start since I can simply afford to pay 15 Php per hour in a know computer shop near my place. The place where I stay also for 6 years.

Now, I play almost every single day of entire 6 years. So how much does it really cost me already?

Let me just calculate for an estimation.

I spend 4-12 hours. In every day lets just say 4 hours. This is the most standard play time that I do.

4 x 15 is equal to 60 but I can save money since they have promo of every 4 hours top up you will save 5 Php.

That is 55 Php for 4 hours a day.

In every dayoff I spend about 12 hours. So it will be 55 x 3 is equal to 165.

Wow, I was surprised while writing this post.

In a week I only have 1 dayoff.

In the 1 week, I spend 4 hours x 6 days is equal to 24 hours in 6 days.

Then, plus 12 hours in that 25 hours a week, it will be a total of 37 hours.

The 37 hours I will multiply by 15 will be 555.00 Php in a week.

In 4 week I spend 2,220.00 Php. That is 1 Month.

In 2,220.00 Php per month, multiply by 12 months is equal to 26,640.00 Php (now, that a year)

In 1 year 26,640.00 Php multiply by 6 years, is the total of 159,840.00 Php.


Yes, totally OMG!

That was the total estimated amount that I spend in computer internet shop.

Imagine how many computer sets that I can already buy with that money. So amazing!


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