Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Advantage Of Being Full AGI Assassin

Okay! In my recent post, I already changed my stats using the Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock. I've made a mistake regarding with my Skill Three reset so I guess I will going to buy again soon if I will finish studying about skills for my Katar type Assassin.

Anyways, lets go to this changes that I've made. So at level 40, I received this Eternal Rock, but I didn't know what is the use of it. So, I didn't mint it at first since I only just start playing RO M and I don't have much knowledge on this amazing game.

Check the image for details.

Now, what my current experience during the time that I really simply put STR, AGI, VIT, DEX and LUK that totally missed-up my stats. I'm struggling in my quests in-game. Even though somehow kill Small and Medium monsters, the big problem was the Large ones specially when big boss quest is there. I suffer for Pots power.!!

The solution? The idea that I really think that it will work perfectly, was to do this. (see image below)

Look at my stats.. All are in AGI, current with my level 60 Assassin, I have added all AGI at 85 Attr points. Plus the +33 extra points from quests and item build. So I have a total of 128 total AGI stats.

See my Stats Chart. Now, check my ASPD with 269.0% and my Flee rate at 208. Amazingly stupid as you think. But for me, it does really works. (see image below)

The results? see for yourself.

I don't use power pots anymore. I only do use SP pots for my Sonic Blow skill. I only use it for big large monster. This idea was to same some face and stand to these monsters and ofcourse saving a lot of Zeny (in-game coin).

What do you think? Just leave a comment below.


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