Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - Change Assassin Stats To Pure AGI

Yes! That's right, I finally change rebirth my stats to pure AGI. But first, once again I really love to play this game and it really, totally eats up most of my time. I even play it during work hours. What I do is just simply plug my iPhone 7+ and let is grind until Stamina is finished.


Well check out my character details so far.

The idea is to have the high Flee. My current Flee is 205. This makes me more untouchable since most of the mobs Hits me with Missed.

Pros: This advantage will help me to save a lot of Zeny since Pots are so very expensive.
Cons: It takes time to kill the mobs. I also noticed that I am weak in Pyramid F1, Mummy, Isis but no problem with Soldier Skeleton.


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