Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - My Assassin and Rogue

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, your account were able to create 2 character.

So, like I said before, I am not really a fan or RO game before, but how I really love to play this game already.

Just now, my Assassin is level 55 and my future Rogue is at leve 32.

Meet my Assassin RickDrew.

 Meet my future Rogue RoSeLyN.

Okay! why I did like this game from the start since released?

1. Open world. One of the most important thing when it come the MMORPG. Socialized yourself, I do like to see other people in-game, amazed on how they do and excited to play the game.

2. You can do AFK farming. Since I do other things specially when I'm working. (you all know that I am still an employee) I can leave my phone and my character will do auto-attack to go farming.

3. Wide variety of your character build. Yes! this is one that I really like.

  • Character stats, STR, AGI, DEX, INT, VIT and LUK.
  • CARD for additional stats
  • ITEMS to choose from and more.

I've been thinking that a lot of questions as players like me as a newbie.

So, maybe this one I can share some of my experiences and builds that I will do to these two thieves in the future.


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