Being Unemployed: Day 11

"Recovering From Too Much Stress"

Already at this day and seems I already started to recover from stress. I cannot even imagine how life will be since I am unemployed and really don't have any source of income until now.

The only thing that I really think about is just to keep on writing what ever I can remember back while still in my employment days.

The good thing here is that, I was able to pay the days that I was far away from my wife and son in four years.

What I do is just take a vacation like a week or two weeks, then go back to Manila and resume working.

This is what I requested to my second manager before. I will do anything that he wanted me to do for the team, just let me take vacation leave to see my family.

And it was a deal for both of us. At the first when I was still single, life is a bit easy to focus on the just and simply finish the work right away. But things started to change with I already get married to the women that I really love (she is now my wife).

If you want to know what I did or how I do in my former work/job. Keep on ready and you might want to interest with but warning, things actually boring.

Started to work back 2013, I was introduce to that job by my former team mate. I was shocked actually because I never knew that that can of system do really exist.

After that, I was amazed and really get interest to do the job.

His boss was so busy that day before my scheduled interview direct from that supervisor/manager. Should get started at 1:00 PM but somehow, we started 1:15 PM. That was 15 minutes late for my job interview but I really don't mind it.

1:15 PM interview started and guess what, it was not the same interviews that I watched in some videos that I practiced preparing myself.

First he apologized that he is already late for our meeting and really very sorry for the delay. Like I already tell myself and tell him, that I didn't even mind it at all. He replied, No time is the most important thing that you need to value.

And I was really surprised about it. It feels like, I'm in the right person to work with.

The interview was so very fast, he just simply goes this way,

Interviewer: Listen, I don't want to waste time, what I really want is a job well done. I don't care who you are or what you do. Now, tell me something about your self?

Me: I am single, living currently living with my friend and no job for long time already.

Interviewer: Okay, again I don't care who you are or what you do. Why should we hire you?

Me: (common answers of course, but I really have a bad English) I was not graduated, I know about computers, somehow I can encode faster since I have a fast typing skills.

Interviewer: Enough, like I already told you, I don't care.

Okay, what really it feels like freaking. I don't know if he is a psycho or what. He keeps on asking and I answer back, but then he always interrupting me. I don't really get the point.

But, I'm good at this kind of things...

Interviewer: Again, I want a job well done. Can you?

Me: Yes I can.

Interviewer: But your not graduated what do you think?

Me: I will.

Interviewer: So if I instructed you, to open the window and jump to this building what will you do?

Me: I will jump right away.

Interviewer: Really? Are you out of your mind?

Me: Your instructions right!

Interviewer: Why would you do that?

Me: You are ordering me to do it.

Interviewer: You will die if you fall down to the ground right, cause your not stupid, are you?

Me: Like I told you, I will jump right away as you say so. But not will die.

Okay! at this time he smiled and say,
Interviewer: I don't know if your crazy or not but congratulations, you're Hired!

It was really crazy right? When he is asking, first that I remember, he don't want to waste time, second he don't care who am I, or what ever my background was and all he wanted was a person to do the job for him.


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