My Last Day Of Work - February 15, 2019


"Come And Think About The Future And Trying To Forget The Past To Move On"

Even before I did promised to myself that when I will reach the age of 30, I will be a full time writer. Will, It seems to be that this is the last and final day to prepare for it. I don't exactly know how or where to start after may final day of work. And then, I did it, I did finished what I just started back in our office.

The moment when I see people how worried and some of them are not because I don't know whether they are happy or sad of me leaving the company.

Well, most of them really don't. I can feel people who are very surprised the I did tell and inform them my last day.

Back 2013, I was hired in the first name of the company, Global B2B Consultancy. My friend Michael, who is the one introduced me to the job, as a mapper and system monitoring was do really easy for me. Since had an IT background, I can early get what ever we needed in our job. I was able to suggest a lot of suggestions in order to help and contribute for our team.

Until 2016, company name has changed to CloverSense Technology Inc. (CTI), now this started to get worst. The truth is, we don't owned this company and we are only employees who receiving pay check. Salary is just salary that can support us for our daily life living. Nothing more, so most of my teammates was so lazy and clever enough to just simply do nothing. Not literally nothing but, pretending of doing something. If the boss is not around, then they will just simply do their thing.

I really don't mind as before but yeah, it is really uncontrollable anymore. So I decided to stop and quit.

It is more better for me, to stop the stress and move on.


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