Being Unemployed: Day 20 - Online Job Hunting

So, its been 20 days already ever since I resigned to my previous job. Thinks really so good since I already out in stress. But talking about the reality, I needed something to earn again in order for me to support my family.

I have a growing kid and my wife is pregnant of 7 months, so what I now is hunting some online jobs.

My younger sister refer me to signup in Upwork. Well, I know this site for so long but I really don't pay that much attention before. And I say, I will just give it a try then.

As I've done signing up and already have the account, it will requires me to fill some more information about me. According to them, it will help me to get some more chances to get an employers. I don't know, its been 2 days now, but seems no one is interested in new comer like me yet.

Okay, now this day, I've been thinking for some more ways to earn online and I ended searching for Upwork alternatives. So far, I have 2 sites in addition.

1. Freelancer
Well, this one is more really likely like Upwork but it is more easy to sign up. Go grabbed the free trial in order for me to have more.

2. Fiverr
Is way more easily to sign up. As I see, this is more easy to use but still I don't have that much information on how to perfectly use this.

I will post again, once I get more information and see my progress using these platforms.


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