What Mobile Network You Prefer?

Its been so long ever since I was able to post here in Coinsmo. So I've been studying about smartphones and our mobile numbers. What I learn is about first is Mobile Number Prefixes. This is very important specially of your going to contact your family or friends. The mobile number prefixes will help you to identify what network does the person is using. To know where is this or what is the prefix number, it is the first 4 digits of your mobile number (ex: 0999-999-9999).

The first digit 0 (zero) is the country code that stands for +63 in the Philippines. Mobile area codes are three digits long and always start with the number 9, although recently new area codes have been issued with 8 as the starting digit, particularly for VOIP phone numbers. However, the area code indicates the service provider and not necessarily a geographic region. Unlike fixed-line telephones, the long-distance telephone dialling format is always observed when using a mobile phone. Therefore, mobile phone numbers always have the format "+63 (9yy) xxx-xxxx" for international callers and "0(9yy) xxx-xxxx" for domestic callers. I begun to understand and welling to learn more after I finally understand what is this for. I found this post and learn more about mobile number prefixes, you can visit if you want to have some basic ideas too.

Technology innovations is really amazing the evolution was totally awesome. This help us build more easily, what we need number one is communication. For use to communicate someone far away from use, we need telephone, what most of use are using now is what we called Smartphones.

Just like what Senku Ishigami said, the ultimate human weapon of the modern generation is communication and that is cellphone. EP19 was really cool in Dr. Stone, the current anime that I've been watching.

Back to the topic, in the Philippines, there are two major telcos that currently establish very well PLDT and Globe and soon, the third majoy play Dito Telecommunicaty. In the Philippines, we are also prefer to save money, that is why we look for promos available in our telco provider. At loadpromo.net, you can read and get latest list of major telcos Load Promo. Same with Dito telco, they will going to have their own promotions for budgeted offers soon for their mobile calls, text and internet services. So I looked and find Dito Promo is the best place to get latest updates of DITO.

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