Evil Hunter Tycoon - Getting Started

You did downloaded and start playing this game? While playing you did having difficulties like killing the boss and unable to grind all of the sudden? If you also look for some tips and tricks in playing Evil Hunter Tycoon, well, I can show you some of the things that I learned and strategies that might help you.

The fact that this game is really fun to play, it also makes you feel the thrill when it comes to stats build. You may choose whether ATK or DEF type, and nothing more is important that this. Simply think about how you wish to create a hunter with a huge DPS.

If you keep on reading, you will learn the things that I get and mistakes that I made just for testing.

While checking in my Facebook Timeline, I saw this pixelated art cartoon that is not that interesting at all. But for some reasons that I keep seeing this often, I made the decision of downloading the game in the App Store (also available in Play Store).

Evil Hunter Tycoon The Beginning

Okay! so it was developed by Super Planet, Evil Hunter Tycoon is a town management simulator for mobile devices. We as players are expected to rebuild a destroyed town that has been ruined by the Dark Lord (Ooohhh I'm so scared. lmao). In this game, we will take the role of the town chief. So, everything will be our responsibilities. From town construction to sales, crafting, training hunters, constructing a wide range of facilities. Interesting!

Getting started, you will create your character, choose gender and add name. (I always careful reading on the classes and skills, but I was surprised that there are not in the option.) What happen was, you will be a retired Hunter in this game. You just stay inside your town, and do the management. LoL!

Well, enough introductions as I assumed that you already know those things.

What I want you to KNOW, is to see the bigger picture of this game.

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a unique mix of an RPG and a simulation game in one where you can see entirely different perspective. So, it is not as easy as it seen. For understanding about tycoon, it is more attached to the idle clicking games, multitude of unique concepts and features that may take a while to learn and master. That means, the game progression is relying on how active you are at managing everything

First things first, be familiarized on your screen. Lets split this in to 3 parts, the Top, Middle and Bottom screen.

The Top Screen

At the upper left side, you can adjust the Difficulty level. Next is your GOLDs, Gems, Elementals and Secret Technique books. Also shows you the Quest progress, Replay from your Avatar, and the obtained loots of each hunters.

In the upper right side, you can see your Buff Active and total Hunter count indicator. Next are the Share, Achievements, Mail, Guild and Settings. Following at the third level, there are 3 huge menus, Hunters Waiting, Colosseum and Boss Battle.

The Bottom Screen

 Here you can see the Chat box for regular and Guild. Next to it is a very useful navigator where you can transfer immediately to your destination screen.

The bottom menus here from the left to right are Construct, Assembling, Hunters, Town Storage and Shop. (Too obvious at the screenshot Lol)

And Finally Your Middle Screen 

Here you can manage to see everything that's in your control. Main screen as your supervision in supervising from your Town. 

Let The Hunt Begin

Nope! You need to wait for the first hunter to arrive in your town. Sad to say this, but you cannot simply create a hunter.

Who ever comes in, just focus to build on his DPS! Don't worry, you can defeat monsters from the start. That hunter will automatically go to Invaded Land and start grinding.

The Novice Quests Line

Since you're just getting started, it is advisable that you follow the Novice Quests line. It will guide you what to upgrade first and how you will know other things that needs to be done.

Now, you're good to go since everything will follow according to the in-game guides. Your avatar will help you. He's a veteran that knows all the stuffs around. Moving forward, the following listed below are the things that you need to know as your priority;

Hunter Classes and their Abilities
Learn Everything About the Guild

If you are eager to learn, then continue to the links above about hunter classes and guilds. You will sure be interested to know them early stage.

I will see you at the next page. Happy Grinding.


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