Evil Hunter Tycoon - Hack Legendary Hunter

I left my smartphone (iPhone 7s +) in my room, but still, my hunters keeps grinding. I did fixed our pressured washer so I just left my phone. I guess its was more an our after I get back to our room to check may hunters, (does I got ancient boot fragment,? am I able to craft the boots now?) And then, this is what I see.

Now, what do you think? To tell you frankly, I wish I can do that too, but the fact that it was terrible seeing this totally broke the game. I don't think its a good idea anyway. I have a better and very active guild that discuss all good ideas and strategies base on their experiences. Now, hackers will just simply doing it in a very easy way. For sure it will not take long, game Devs and Admins will sure notice them and ban them for goo.

I home that there will be more updates to come in this game since most of the players do started to like this game. I love playing this because it doesn't consumes most of my time since its auto. Not only that, it will allows you to manage and let depends you the progress. Thrilled to build hunter  stats and more. If you're just a newbie to Evil Hunter Tycoon, you may want to check my post of you Getting Started.


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