I Fixed Our Low Pressured Water Pressure Washer (Kawasaki M5-25)

So may father in law do always wanted to was the cars (Auto and Pick-up), and cleaning is his hubby. He even simply water the plants using our pressured water washer. An old japan made Kawasaki M5-25 automatic. See more specs at the image below.

Dad was really unhappy about this pressure washer due to already performing not well. We have another one which is the older, and father instructed some helper to swap the two pressure pump with a working motor.

As I hear it, I go towards them as they discuss about it and ask, what is going on? The helper explained to me that the problem is the pulley bearing, the one that is connected to the motor using the fan belt. He even demonstrate it to me the reason why it causes low pressure. So that is why they will going to swap it since the other one has a working pump.

But for me, as a critical thinker, I don't simply believe things right away, unless if saw it perfectly to my own two eyes.

While they planning to start the work, I did my way of checking and analyzing what is going on. I'm not a mechanic, but I know what I need to do in order to solve things right away. As a former office analyst, my job was to see things and always to think outside the box.

As I did checked, the real problem was the 4 points gasket, it's leaking head and already old.

After I found out, I tell Dad to let me fix this. Just buy me a set of gaskets. I noticed hes eyes was happy and no doubt but still wonder, he didn't know that I was able to check and knew some things like this.

So, he takes the car and go to the city right away to buy me a complete set of pressured washer.

When he come back., I started to do the work... The helper was shocked I guess.

Now, after an hour or more.. This is my results. Dad likes it!


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