Learn Everything About Gems In Evil Hunter Tycoon

Are you looking something that can help you to know more about Gems in Evil Hunter Tycoon? Do you want to get more gems for your game? Having problem to decide which one is better to buy?

Gems are always important in every mobile app games. It is also one of the main source of the games income. The one that you can use to buy your favorite costumes, pets & fairies and more. In this post, I will tell you everything that I know so far about Gems in this game.

How To Buy More Gems?

1. To buy more gems, you may locate the button at the upper left corner of your screen and just simply tap on the plus button (+) see image above.
2. The Gem shop will automatically appear on your below screen at Gems&Gold tab. Or go directly at the Shop menu > Gems > Gems&Gold tab.
3. Select your desired package with no purchase limit.
  • Grand Gem Chest - contains 4800 gems and 1000 PP (present points)
  • Very Special Gem Chest - contains 2300 gems and 500 PP (present points)
  • Special Gem Chest - contains 1180 gems and 270 PP (present points)
  • Huge Gem Chest - contains 380 gems and 90 PP (present points)
  • Gem Pouch - contains 120 gems and 30 PP (present points)

You can also convert Gems to Gold if you need with no purchase limit, but in Nightmare Difficulty Only.
  • Special Gold Chest - convert 540 gems for 3,645,000 gold.
  • Huge Gold Chest - convert 180 gems for 1,215,000 gold.
  • Gold Pouch - convert 60 gems for 405,000 gold.

Used of Gems in-game

If you already stated playing Evil Hunter Tycoon, for sure you already know how. But in here, I try to share things that I learned on how to use it and where to invest if properly.

Use Gems to buy in the Shop

There are a lot of items in the shop that would like if you really like this game.
Enhancement Stone, Costume, Fairy&Pet, Hunter Invitation and other consumable stuffs;
  • Reclaim Equipment Scroll
  • Name Change (Town Chief)
  • Name Change (Hunter)
  • Appearance Change (Hunter)
  • EXP Buff Scroll
  • Item Drop Scroll
  • Level Up Scroll
  • Strange Candy
  • Sparkling Water
  • Crispy Croissant

Can use gems to Modify item's Quality and Attributes

  • Quality - level comes with Poor, Common, Uncommon, Advance and Ultimate at its best. Spend 40 gems to re-roll the item quality to Orange.
  • Attribute - it is something that you need to understand. I made a mistake using this so I hope you get this one. Once the item already have its attribute it fixed. You can only change the percentage of its attribute to get the best targeted stats.. 

How To Earn Free Gems In Evil Hunter Tycoon?

You already know the use of gems, so you want more right? Well I guess it would be better just to buy some but if you we're just like me, here are the ways to earn free gems in-game.

  1. Wait for Ad Goblin to appear and watch Ads to earn free gems. Limit for 15/15 daily. This is my favorite. Everyday I get free 90 gems for this.

  2. Use Elemental to buy Random Gem&Gold (No Purchase Limit) "but to tell you frankly, no matter how many times I tried this, all was only Gold. I never had free gems to this one."

  3. Do Quest. You will get free gems as a reward by finishing quests.

  4. Achievements - This is one of the best as well when it come to earning free gems until difficulty Nightmare, cuz it will takes awhile to earn if you already in torment.
  5. Hack! Oops, not a good option. For sure you can hack the game for unlimited gems, but you can say bye bye to your account after that. This is possible since last time, one of out member started hacking some hunters to Legendary but he was automatically kicked-out by our Guild Leader..


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