Learn Everything About the Guild in Evil Hunter Tycoon

You finally made it! For sure you have some questions about Guild, so that is why you are here. Or you are simply here because you want some idea to be ahead of the game. I can tell you this, you are doing well.

If you already reach to this point, that means you like playing this game. Watching your hunters hunt monsters to gain some exp's and materials that you need to craft a better item.

If you reach this page directly to my blog, then I suggest that you see my previous post of Evil Hunter Tycoon of Getting Started.

But if you already know the basics and idea of this game. The purpose of being an ex-hunter, just simply managing your town. Then just continue reading if you wish to learn more about Guild.

The following are the things that you need to know about the Guild in this game.

I did mention in my previous post on where does Guild menu located at your screen. And it is just right next to the Settings menu at the upper right corner. see below;

One you created your Guild HQ in your town, you will now able to unlock this menu. Once you unlocked it, you can choose either Creating your own, or To just join other guilds.

To Create or To Join

Creating a guild is not hard, you just need to pay 8M gold, or simply with Gems. (if you think that 8M gold is huge, actually it is a small amount in late game.)

If you choose just to Join with other guilds, you may search for some keywords that you wish your guild will be. (ex: countries; SG from Singapore, TH for Thailand, VN as Vietnam and etc...) also by names.., depends on you.

Now once your in a guild, you must understand the fact that Leveling the guild is a must. Active members as well, and guiding or helping your members. The role depends whether you create or just join a guild.

Evil Hunter Tycoon - Guild HQIn the Menu, you will see a popup window of your Town Guild information that has 4 tabs and buttons. Tabs are Guild info, Members, Features, Requests and green button to donate GEXP (Guild Experience).

Town Guild information

Guild Info tab - indicates your guild leader name, total counts of members, guild level, able to join requirement, your donation limit, short announcement

Members tab - List of all members like Leader, Co-Leader. It also indicates individual login date activity.

Features tab - at this tab, one of may favorite tab to check. GP (Guild Points) this points are based in your guild level. Those points will be added depends on Leader to the following;
  • Guild Member basic +, up to level 5 making your guild total max of 30 members.
  • ATK, to increase more attack damage to all guild members with +3% per level, up to level 5 with the total 15%.
  • DEF, adds more defense to all guild members with +3% per level, up to level 5 with the total 15%.
  • HP, more Health to all guild members with +3% per level, up to level 5 with the total 15% added HP.
  • ATK SPD, improve attack speed to all guild members with +1% per level, up to level 5 with the total 5%.
  • CRIT, improve critical to all guild members with +1% per level, up to level 5 with the total 5%.
Request tab - shows a list of all players who requested to join the your guild.

Respective Role:

  1. Leader - has the power to decide what will be best for the guild. Managing everything specially at the Features tab. Can promote or kick unwanted members. (He kicked one of our member who broke-in the game.)
  2. Co-Leader - like me, can access Request tab to accept or Reject. I was able to kick members as well.
  3. Member - can avail all the benefits being a part of the guild.

What You Need To Do As A Member

As part of your guild, (I wish you have a active guild) you need to contribute in order to make your guild strong. You will benefit from it because of the GP added in the features by your GL. If your GL is inactive, then it will be a problem. I suggest you better look for another Guild that will be best for you, unless if you created your own guild then its up to you.

How to Contribute to the guild?

As I mentioned above, every member are collecting GEXP to donate in your guild. Take note, that you are limited to donate 100/100 GEXP everyday.

What is the Use of Donating GEXP?

Please don't ask this question, (kidding) your guild will level and each level converted in to GP, that is use to add in the features by your GL. It is a guild buff that applies to your Town as a member of your guild.
Evil Hunter Tycoon Buff is Active

How to know that the Buff is Active?

OMG! well, tap on the upper right corner of your screen. There are a lot of active buffs there, and you will see guild buff active.

How to Earn GEXP?

As I tried things, grinding, AFK farming, Quest, Kill boss. But the only way to earn as I know, was to KILL BOSSES. each boss kill can obtain, 10 GEXP, so you just need to kill the boss 10 times to get 100.

How to leave the guild?

Your leaving? Well same as you, I tried to look for the button for me to leave the guild, but unfortunately, there's no leave function for you to do so. One your in, then there's only one way to go out. Ask your Co-leader to Banish you!

Note: If I miss something here, that means I didn't able to reach that level yet. I appreciate if you leave something in the comment and we will see.


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