What About Elemental in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Now you noticed about the floating souls around your farming lands. Do you wonder what would be the use of those souls? They are called Elemental (Ele for short) randomly appearing here in Evil Hunter Tycoon game.

Just simply top on the floating Elementals to collect them. The maximum count that you can hold is 3,000/3,000 located at the upper left corner.

If you noticed, there are 2 colors out there, one is blue and the other one is purple. This one is showing very often besides purple color one.

The blue color will give you +25 Ele while the purple color will give you +100 Ele. This one is a bit seldom unlike for the blue once.

Once you collected enough Elementals, you can use it to buy in Shop > Bonus  > Elemental all can be purchase with 800 Ele each.

  • Random Gem&Gold - this will give you either Gems or Gold with no purchase limit. (but no matter how many times I tried this, I didn't even get free Gems from this. It always go with Gold. I think I'm not that lucky for this one.)
  • Random Hunter Invitation - you will get either Advanced or Arcane Hunter Invitation with no purchase limit. (this is do works, I get 2 Legendary Hunters from this)
  • Random Buff Item - you will receive 1 random item out of Strange Candy, Sparkling Water, Crispy Croissant and Item Drop Scroll with no purchase limit.

To get more extra for instant 1,000 Ele, at the shop, there's a Watch Ad offer (Elemental Ad Box) just to get Ele.

Tips: It is better to invest Elemental to get Random Hunter Invitation if you still getting started. You need to get Legendary Hunter to get more better Stats.
And I forgot to mention, Elemental are auto-collect if you are offline. So don't be surprise if you got more Ele when you back online.


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