New Hobby - Photoshop Editing Again!

So, I actually don't like to do this before but not until now, it does totally gets my interest to do it. Study editing using Adobe Photoshop. I have CS5 in my 5 years laptop hear.

My wife started a photo copy business in our home, and we also have a mini (sari-sari) store. Well, since I already been unemployed for 2 years now, I don't have other responsibilities just to take care of our two kids.

Both are boys (Yea hay!) My elder is Rick Andrew (I just call him Drew) and the next, my second kid is Ralph Andrei (of course I just call him Drei). Somehow, I can see both of them also get my interest in playing guitar, and loving music, I don't know if they also gets my voice in singing as well., I will see when they get big, but that was after 10 years LOL!,

Anyway, lets go back to the topic.

May wife knows what she needs to do, our services offers are; Rush ID picture, Photocopy using our Epson printer, smart right! (here in the Philippines we call it Xerox LOL!) and now she added Lamination, a laminating machine arrives and yeah, I did try it and yep, easy as always for me.

Kidding, most of the work is somehow I was able to learn fast. It may be basic but there are things that you need to understand specially the small little tiny specific detail.

As my father taught me, "Son, there are important things is a work that is more important than a job". Wondering? well me too, most of the time I don't really understand it... His words are deep!

Well, father really don't like to have a regular job! He always wanted to be as a free man. That is why he hates having a boss.

I guess I just adopt some of his talents not because he teaches me, but because it is in our blood. I'm his son anyway.

Ahhhh! again, lets go back to the topic.

Rush ID service

If we have a costumer that need a rush ID picture for their ID, we do provide it in our shop. It is the first business she started. She always loves to edit pictures, she even make a tarpaulin every time there are a celebrations specially birthdays.

The one that gets my attention was, when she is doing the background removing. Yes, the simple and easy remove background for an ID picture.

So, I was wondering, does it really easy? I actually do it before when I was in college days.

Okay okay, I will try it then and see the results! Before and After (photo credit to RIOT GAMES)

I said, WHAT?!

So what I learned? Edges is the main issue here and other things as well like texture, sharpness, brightness and more. How are you going to smoothens and work. Now, I think I have found a new master piece to study.

I don't know if I can make this easy but I guess it will be hard to master, or simply it will just takes time.

Well, maybe enough for gaming as of now and see this a top priority hobby.


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