I Removed The Cute Dog's Background Image

So, just like in my recent post. I will learn to master removing background of images. The first try was not that good, and I admitted it. I have background in Photoshop editing before back in college. I even get a certificate passing their assessment, and I am the top #.1 among of us who attended.

Okay! now this time, I think I got it now. But still, I know that there are other techniques who is more sharp and faster to get this done.

I approximately, finish this one and half hours. I just pay attention to even a single tiny detail. One of the main focus here was the Hair actually. I even tried it when women photos and it will needed work and takes time.

But like I said, for sure, there will be an other way to do this right away. I just need to dig it. Photoshop is really amazing. I really feel bad that I didn't use my talent to continue the things that I am good at.

One of my natural talent was, able to learn and understand what are in front of my two eyes.

What I mean is, anything that is, when it comes to job/work, I was able to execute them just like what my superior instructed me to.

Image Details:

Image credit to: pexels.com
Dimensions: 5282 x 7859
Size: 2.32 MB



Black Background

White Background

As I reviewed my work, I noticed that there are still spots that is not good.

I will improve it next time.

Still, I was happy what is the final outcome of this very simply job.

I think I get use to it.

I get a bit difficulty in this cuz the background is blur and the camera really focused on the puppy. And like I said, the hair do really takes time to be done. One I get the solution on how to do it semi-perfect, I can say, a job well done.

I will keep on learning and study the right way.


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