I Removed The Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art Background Image

I'm a fan of League of Legends MOBA game. So, this image is the next one that I removed the background. This is the official Splash Art of Pulsefire Caitlyn. One of my favorite champion in League of Legends. By the way, LoL Wild Rift will be available soon. I don't know if you guys also excited about it.

Anyway, I would like to share some of the things while doing this task.

Removing background image is now one of my major hobbies. While doing it, it really feels like I want to do more image, again and again.

As I really wanted to see the picture clean. Well, removing the background image is not that easy still. It really need patients.

A bit difficult when doing this 1215 x 717 image dimension, its a bit easy if just use by the eraser tool. As I tried to zoom in more, pixels is really hard to control with this resolution.

I did try to speed up to see if I can improve time, to lesser it so I can make more. But the results are actually not that good. If you noticed below; there are some spots actually decreases its quality.

I just noticed it while writing this blog, for reviewing my work.

Image Details:

Image credit to: leagueoflegends.com
Dimensions: 1215 x 717
Size: 103 KB
Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art
Splash Art - Pulsefire Caitlyn

Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art Transparent
Transparent Background

Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art Black Background
Black Background

Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art Dark Grey Background
Dark Grey Background

Pulsefire Caitlyn's Splash Art White Background
White Background


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