I'm A Fan Of Some Anime: My Top 4

I'm here again, how are you doing?

We know that it's been a huge hit of the anime word. I like to start this post with my own way of experiences watching my favorite anime. I only select anime series that I can relate with. I know that there are other anime series out there underrated that is also very interesting to watch. But, my time was so busy and most of it are focus on clients.

One I have free time, I'm building or fixing some of the electronics that people ask me to, or I play some of mobile games with my guild mates. (my recent and current game is Evil Hunter Tycoon, this game was so far fits in me since it consumes less of my time, just let it grind AFK mode.)

Going back to this post, here are some of my favorite anime that I've been waiting for their next season. But I'm a Filipino, so I really wish to watch the latest tagalog dub anime version.

Top on the list;

Attack on Titan 

- this Action fiction, Dark fantasy, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction with leading character Eren Jaeger together with his friend Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlert. Is the number one of my list. (I think it is very obvious in my profile picture, right? Correct, one of my idol is Captain Levi).

Reasons and Why's?
  • Realistic expressions. The animation of art facial expressions are insanely realistic. There are times that we are so tough as we think that we are strong, but actually we are weak and afraid to face our death.
  • Type of Combat and Battle. Who ever don't like to use the Omni-directional Mobility Gear or simply ODM Gear? Use this to be like Spiderman or Camille in League of Legends, but most likely as Fanny from Mobile Legends. Was really kind a cool huh!
  • Situations and unexpected. Sometime, we are able to predict what's gonna happen in some stories, but honestly speaking, I really cannot tell and always says, HEY! what's going on? How did that possible? Is it for real?
  • The plot of the story. As I really see this, the author is actually genius. For me, what he is trying to deliver was the reality of us being a human.

Hunter x Hunter

 - this Adventure‎, ‎fantasy‎, ‎martial arts anime series is really one of my top list. I know that this anime was also the same author of Ghost Fighter. Yoshihiro Togashi is magnificent on this.

Reasons and Why's?
  • Expecting to see their Nen abilities. If you think widely, not all characters shown their abilities yet. So, this make us so excited to wonder if, What will be its Ability?
  • Nen Pattern will actually teach you your purpose. I don't know if you agree on me in this. If you try to learn Nen's graph, you may be able to see where are you good at.
  • Ging Freecss plans. Don't tell me that you don't know, but we really don't know yet that much. DC Arc is next and according to the news, rumors, it is now on going.

Slam Dunk 

 - you're right! When it comes to longest 3-point shot that was made by Kogure also known as Boy Labo in the Philippines did this. This comedy-sports story was very interesting because of the lead character Sakuragi Hanamichi.

Reasons and Why's?
  • I don't know really how to explain this but, lets say, despite the fact that each game-match was too obvious. It never loses my interest to keep watching and always say to my mind, what next will Sakuragi do, where is Sakuragi, will Sakuragi going to pass the ball to Rukawa Kaede? How are they able to win with this guy?

Goblin Slayer

- this anime is a Dark fantasy that leads with Goblin Slayer and Priestess.

Reasons and Why's?
  • He is a man of focus. He only takes Goblin missions and take it without hesitations. As long as there's a quest that's related to Goblins, then he will go for it.
  • A man of few words. Due to his traumatic past made him that way, he only usually speaks great knowledge or curses aimed towards the goblins or a plan of attack.
  • This anime has No Names. There are no further evidence of RPG influence shows NONE of the characters have names. They are only identified as what they do. Like for example Goblin Slayer and his childhood friend, is known as Cow Girl because of her work on a farm.
  • His realistic armor. If you review his armor set, it is just as weak as you see. But the reason why he chooses that way, is because it is fits slaying goblins. He can move faster but since it is weak in defense, it allows him to be more in offense.


Did you know that Goblin Slayers helmet has horns like a Viking. In his first ever mission, Goblin Slayer’s helmet was horned. However he had to remove them during his first ever mission as a way to kill goblins – they became broken during the mission.

I actually have a separated blog about anime. I decided to make it since it will be just a mess here in my Service Site. The blog is PinoyAnimeSaga If you wish to read something like this, please feel free to visit and subscribe if you want to follow my post updates.

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