Redesigning Coinsmo Website


So, its been 2 years and 6 months now that this website has been created. This is my long time blog that I didn't able to focus for this long. But not until now.

As time goes on, I started to understand of the things that I wasn't able to get it from before.

I think, now its the time to make it more serious as I understand the fact that, what does I really want to do.

I've been an employee for 6 years, and yes, I am one of the best employees who manage to give all that I got for my boss.

Hardworking, critical thinker and task oriented. I was able to finish the work in no time. I make things easy for me, just like a sample of a task that normally will be done by my teammates with 3 hours. But for me, I was able to finish the job in an hour or less.

Like for example a task of locating or matching the correct names to other names that exactly means that same team or subject. What I do, I get all resources or references then use a code at Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to make my work easy.

This is just one of my natural talents. Was able to provide solutions not excuses.

Another one was SEO.

Back in 2008, where the first time SEO was introduced to me by my teacher. He is one of the best SEO consultant here in the Philippines. see

He manage to win some huge SEO competitions. Not only in local, national contest, but also in international SEO contests which is Millions.

Working and trained with him, I was able to rank some competitive keywords when it comes to entertainment.

I also make a blog from (my very first blog) that can rank, outrank competitors in just a single day of post. My only mistake is that, I started to POST about SEO there which is I can say stupid of me that I don't know the rules or terms of Wordpress. But that was before since I was still a kid know nothing but just do SEO or what so ever just to rank.

Nowadays, it was totally different. I can say that it is not really for me as to be one of the top SEO optimizer.

Now, this chapter of my life. I achieve nothing but just experiences.

Until now, I didn't have a final profession besides being a good father of two boys. (both are so cute, healthy and active) Maybe they both get it from me being a sports player person.

I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, baseball, Sepak takraw (kick volleyball). I think I will just make another post about it soon.

Anyway, about this post actually. I started to redesign Coinsmo. I think the new design will be more professional now as a service offers.

I will trade my time of some tasks of future clients here in Coinsmo.

I will see you guys next post update.



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